The London Trade Group
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The London Trade Group is a specialist firm providing a range of services in trade finance and international banking. Our key areas of expertise are:

  • Letters of credit
  • Forfaiting
  • Export credits
  • Countertrade
  • Eurocurrency financing
  • Banking instrument and trade finance fraud
  • Financial research
  • Financial writing
  • Financial media training
Our financial terms glossary is free for the use of our guests and clients. Just click on glossary at the top of this page.

Since this site was established we have received hundreds of visits from all over the world. As a result clients have commissioned us to carry out work for them in our specialist fields or they have attended our training courses in London or elsewhere. If you would like to contact us for further help or information please go to the contacts area from where you will be able to reach us directly.

Please note: We do not provide or arrange funding